Saturday, October 27, 2007

Down a pant size!

Well, I have gone down a scrub pant size!!!! It was so exciting.... I found out because (per usual) we were out of my normal size of scrub pants, well, I thought what the hell, I will try out the smaller size and what do you know- they fit, they are a little tight yet in the butt, but otherwise they fit!!! I am so happy!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Okay, I am so sick of being sick! I am on to my next goal, another 10 pounds. I am waiting to hear back about some lab work, I guess that my thyroid levels are maybe a little higher than previously thought so I may be getting more thyroid meds some time next week...who knows. But I am not having anymore nasty side effects- the insomnia has gone away, the only side effect if it can be called that that I am still having actually isn't that bad- I don't crave or even really want to eat sweets anymore. It is kind of nice- but kind of weird, especially with the holidays coming up- which I guess will be nice, I mean I won't be overeating with all the cookies and candy, pies and whatnot that will be coming with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas- because I really don't want to eat them in the first place. So we'll see what happens...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Goal Met!!!!!

Well, I had my first follow-up appt today, and, well I did it! I lost 9.6 lb and 1 in off of my waist! I am so happy!