Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Again, my heart has broken

I can't believe that this time Sunday my life was still going wonderfully, Richard and I were still expectant parents...we thought that we were 12 weeks 3 days. We (well, me) were still having tender breasts, peeing constantly, clothes were getting tight etc. We were so happy.
Fast forward to Monday the 15th...not feeling very positive following ob visit, labs drawn and now waiting. Tuesday, the first 2 labs come in, CBC is normal and the repeat beta is negative. We are now finished, the bleeding that had happened over the 7-8th was a m/c, again. Got the rest of my labs today, everything is normal. We briefly spoke about what would be next, I asked about the novasure and removal of the right ovary. I was told that when we were ready to have this down to contact them and let them know and we would finalize the details. We basically went from being excited expectant parents to being devastated couple, childless due to biology- never by choice-
After some brief discussions we will look further into the novasure and related procedures to see what the financials involved will be. The house comes first with tax returns this year, then we need to put money aside for the cats for their vet care. So again, from 2012 looking like an amazing happy year, it has gone down the toilet quite quickly.