Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well in trying to conquer my increasing depression (my Lithium was decreased last month because that was thought to be the cause) my psychiatrist decided to go the opposite direction- my Lithium has been increased again- so instead of taking 450mg once a day I know will take 900mg total a day and get back with my MD in a week to see how things are going. I hate taking pills- the increase runs the fabulous risk of increasing my migraines, which I already have on a daily basis as it is- so how much worse can it get?

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Shopgirl said...

I was so glad to find you here today. I think about you all the time.
My question is, what do you do with your time? How do you feel about doing crafts with me? I could come get you, I do not know if you drive.
I think it would be so good for you and I would have the Joy of your company.
I do not know how to help you, but I do know that you need to think of today, not what might have been or cannot be.
Let me help you Sara, and you could help me.
I love you, Mary