Monday, February 28, 2011

Changes Needed

I have now had my current migraine for almost 2 weeks- I have done everything that I am supposed to do with the darn things. I even contacted my doctor's office last Wednesday requesting a different combo of meds that have in the past knocked the headache down. Never got a call back from the doctor's office- have an appointment for medication refill next Thursday, so most likely will give up on this until seen next week. I have found in the past that it doesn't do any good to contact the office multiple times, so whatever, just adds to the frustration.
Also attempting to get in with a new doctor- internal medicine. Wasn't planning on them taking over everything, yet I guess that is what they plan to do as they can't set up an appointment with any of the internal medicine doctors until they hear back from my general practice doctor who I had planned to continue to see for some things.
All I know is that I am frustrated with how I feel- I want to be able to eat something and not be afraid of what it is going to do to my stomach. I am past ready for this damn headache to go away- it has already kept me from getting together with friends and has had Richard admit that at times he wonders if I really do have a headache or if I just don't want to do something- that made me feel great!


Janet said...

I have no idea if this is something your doctor has ever looked into or if you'd even be willing to try it- but when I was breast feeding I used to get horrible migraines. You can't prescribe migraine meds to nursing women. Instead, my doctor prescribed Toprol (a beta blocker) on the off chance that since it stops vascular spasm it might stop the migraines. It worked like a charm! Now I won't ever use migraine meds (partially because they're expensive, partially because I don't like the side effects). Good luck! I know what it's like to live with months long migraines and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!


Thank you Janet- I have been tried on
Toprol a few years ago- in the hopes that we would eventually become pregnant- well, we all know how that turned out. Between my headaches becoming out of control once again and now my bipolar doing whatever it damn well pleases- life is just a bowl of rotten fruit which I am just tired of.

Shopgirl said...

You know that I have migraines. I haven't had one in years. I gave myself shots of emitrex...not sure of spelling. I wish there was a easy answer for stopping these horrble migraines. Mine stopped, and I have to believe they were from stress, but I will never really know. It my be hormons too, they can do so much to a woman. With all this said, I love you Sara and I pray that somehow, someway you will find a soft place to land in life. Take care of you, Your, Mary
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