Friday, April 26, 2013

Ramblings In My Head

Can't sleep, but what's new? Have been trying to get the house and yard cleaned up an presentable as we have a group of friends coming over for a potluck/BBQ on Saturday. I have not been feeling well, again, what's new? I have made lists, wrote out schedules for what to do each day...these have redone again and again the past 2 weeks, the majority of it has not been done, nor will it be done before 3pm Saturday. And kinda to a pointI really don't give a shit. My parents are also having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. I have been collecting items from around the house- kitchen towels, crocheted pot holders, cookbooks and the like, went through my hope chest, shared some nice memories with Richard as went through some wedding stuff, cried with other memories and baby items that were gifted many years ago...items that no longer belong in the hope chest as they will never be used by us. Also getting rid of infertility/fertility/pregnancy books and such, hoping that they find a new home and will be of good use. Mom and Dad cleaned out the attic and had 3 large boxes and 2 suitcases of stuff for me to go through...that was a lot of fun! Reading old notes from Jr High, postcards from Grandparents and some odds and ends from childhood. Found items that I had thought were long gone 20-30 years ago- yearbooks from grade school, wool bag from Austria, handmade baby blankets and doll clothes. It was hard to go through it all, see it priced for someone to buy. Richard was getting frustrated because I 'had' to go through everything, yes it took some time, but I couldn't just blindly throw it away or put in a box to sell, some of it is important and I want to keep. So most of it is going to be put into my hope chest or with other keepsakes in other closets in the house.