Monday, February 11, 2008

Ok, so maybe our insurance doesn't suck so bad

Well just heard back from the pain clinic- and to all of our shock and amazement Riverside Benefits has decided to approve the Botox therapy for my migraines. I am kind of torn about it- originally when we talked about the possibility of all of this it would be something like a month a way- but since I have an appointment scheduled for the 21st- they are going to go ahead and order the medication and we will start the treatments at that appointment. Okay, so I will admit it- with as many times as I have been poked and prodded over my lifetime for the numerous medical procedures that I have had done between the various medical issues that I have and the infertility nightmare- I don't like needles and I am nervous about the whole Botox thing. I guess this is what we could call adventures through better living through science- I am just hoping that it works even just a little bit.

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