Monday, August 4, 2008

My Recent Project! Finished- Almost......

Well, my dh built me this beautiful swing for my birthday last year and it has just been getting weathered- not horrible but not exactly what either of wanted.
So, I decided I needed a project.......the painting is finished so now all I have left to do is three, yes 3 coats of polyurethene to protect the painting from the elements.....not excited. But it will finish it off and then it will be so cool!


Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your ordeal last week! Lots of hugs. And don't feel bad about scaring people. I know how it is- I've been at a similar point and it is not fun. I hope you got the help you need, sounds like you did! Depression/anxiety is awful stuff.

I haven't seen Jenny's blog. I'll see if you have a link to it on your site :)

Heather said...

Oh I forgot to say- the bench looks great!