Saturday, August 16, 2008

Went to the fair!

                              Went to the good old Western Idaho Fair with the family- no the top pic is not a relative- but the 'farmer' is my Mom! and dh's penchant for sheep, well, that explains me.....a good time was had by all. But on the way home I realized I went to the fair and didn't have any fair food- a bite of Mom's caramel apple and a snow cone and that was it- no cotton candy, no corn dogs or curly fries....I think I forgot something- or saved my stomach from some pain later tonight- not sure which- probably a little of both! Did accomplish a few things- got dh a new/replacement wedding band that I had wanted to do for his birthday back in June- he likes it and I like it and it is pretty- we are both happy. And I only had one small brief anxiety type episode that was handled gracefully by myself quite quickly- I believe that I am definitely ready for the concert next week! I also was able to talk to an old friend's Mom about him and his daughter (she is going to be 7! she was 2 1/2 almost 3 when he was killed by a drunk driver) and about his sister who also recently passed- was able to do all of this without completely breaking down while standing in front of his mangled car- I think a big accomplishment on my part- although I am starting to tear up now thinking about it. I miss him and his sister even though I hadn't seen them for a very long time, they will always hold very special places in my heart.

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