Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On Hold

Saw main psychiatrist yesterday and at first he was not agreeing with a detox of my meds- but by the end of the appointment I think he is on the same page as we are; I didn't get a phone call from him today so I have to call his office in the morning to make sure that he called to try to find a doctor to admit me- he said that he would have to 'sell' the idea to them. It is just frustrating because I was hoping that this would be something happening quickly- before my COBRA runs out; which doesn't really matter because the insurance that I applied for that I am probably not going to get anyway doesn't have mental health coverage on it anyway. I never thought that I would be disappointed to not be going to a hospital, especially a mental health one at that.

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Shopgirl said...

I hope you are doing well, thinking of you with arms open.
Love, Mary