Friday, May 23, 2008

My Journey..... I've Been Tagged!

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998):

1. Bought the house with dh- hard to believe that we have been here for 10 years already. This has to be the biggest event that happened 10 years ago!

2. The next big thing was that I finally started working towards my nursing degree- I became a CNA- so I didn't finish my degree and I worked as a CNA for the next 5 1/2- 6 years.

3. We thought about going off of the depo, but MIL found out and had a hissy fit- stayed on it for another year.

4. DH and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. We thawed out the top of our wedding cake- it was bad! DH didn't get me a card, because we were short on cash after buying the house so we had decided not to really do anything big-I told him he didn't need to get me a gift- but you'd think he'd at least have gotten me a card or at least made me one-he is a graphic artist after all and is a computer nerd- I sent him a card on the computer- but I got nothing- his defense- 'well you told me not to get you anything' whatever.... we went to the Anniversary Inn for our 2nd and 4th anniversaries- it has been made up for- mostly ;)

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003):

1. I graduated from TVCC as a Practical Nurse! One more year to go until I have my ADN- yep, I am finally doing it!

2. I had my appendix removed the day I was supposed to be taking my Summer Quarter Final for the nursing program. I was attempting to bribe nursing staff, my dh, any one to let me go and take my final- I wasn't having surgery until 4:30 p.m. and my final was in the morning- I promised that I would come back- that was when they started pumping me full of morphine and admitted my butt because they were afraid that I was going to sneak out of the hospital and find my way to Ontario to take that test.

3. Had my 10th High School Reunion- that I missed because I was in the hospital having my appendectomy. I did get great pictures of my appendix though.

4. 2 weeks after having my appendectomy I started a new job at the local hospital where I worked every Friday and Saturday night for the last 10 months of nursing school and confirmed just how much I hated working on med/surg.

4 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Started working on one of the two personalized baby quilts that I am making for friends.

2. Finally heard back from Employee Health and found out that after I had a major deadline that the hospital I work for still hasn't made a decision regarding my long term disability.

3. Had a major breakdown- decided that I don't want to do the quilts anymore, freaked out dh with the breakdown.

4. Slept off and on until 4:30 p.m. (which is why I am still awake at 5:30 a.m.) then just laid on the couch, decided to finally update my blog, and that is about it.

4 Shows I Love To Watch:

1. Ghost Whisperer

2. Reno 911!

3. Hell's Kitchen

4. South Park

4 Things That Make Me Really Happy:

1. Napping, especially when DH can join me

2. When my roses start to bloom

3. My kitties when they are snuggling up with me and being purry

4. When I have a good day

Now to think of 4 friends to tag:

1. Miss E.

2. Trying for Baby

3. plan b:

4. life from here....

I chose these 4 friends because they bloggers that I regularly follow and thought that they would enjoy this :)

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