Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Med Regimen

Well after seeing the doctor today, I will be starting to taper off of the diet meds- I will be continuing to diet on my own. I have changed my eating habits- I am drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices and cooking better, healthier foods for the most part when I have the energy to do so. 
But at least I will be cutting down from 23 pills a day to 21 pills a day over the next 5 weeks. Hopefully I continue to lose weight- I am also down another inch in the waist so we'll see what happens.
Also hopefully dh is able to pull out of his funk and get back to himself and not lose his job because of my psychotic issues- I am having enough issues with this- yes I was taught to share, but this was not what my parents had in mind- I am trying to support him and keep what little bit of sanity I have left- but my breakdowns are coming more and more often- maybe MIL was right- maybe he would be better off without me- I feel like I would be better off without me- but I can't escape myself, I am stuck with my brain and waiting for the meds to kick in or for the psych to find the right meds- which I see the psych tomorrow morning- so hopefully something good will come out of all of this hell. For right now what is coming out of it is that dh is in the other room not talking me and I am in the living room by myself trying not to cry- I hate my life.

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Irish Girl said...

I hope your appointment this morning goes well and that your doctor can help you feel better. It must be difficult to be on so many medications and feel so down. I admire your efforts to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and cut out that medication. Little things really add up. Keep on working towards health and you will be successful. You can do it!