Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Party!

Well, he knew all about, but let me think that he didn't- I love him! So he wasn't surprised, but he was able to spend his 40th birthday with a bunch people that care about him, so it all worked out very well.
We got a phone call before the party from dh's half-brothers' Mom- she looked us up. Dh's bio-dad passed away about 4 years ago- they had not seen each other or talked to another for over 30+ years and when we finally tracked him down he had a massive heart attack 4 days later and died. So now any info we can get comes from other people. Well, dh and this new person in his life talked on the phone this morning for almost 2 hours- the conversation was beautiful- they had looked off and on for him, just as we had looked for them over the years. I can't think of any better of a birthday present that dh could have gotten than to learn that his Dad did think about him over the years and did regret the pain that he caused and to gain 'new' family. Happy Birthday honey.

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