Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in the ICU

Well I have now been home for 24 hours from little stint in the ICU. Yes, that is what I said, I was in the ICU Saturday for observation of chest pain and headache because I have a blood clot in my left arm and I guess the clots in the arms have a higher tendency to break off and travel else where in the body. Per CT exam I don't have any clots in my lungs this time which is why they kept me because it didn't feel like my asthma and a breathing treatment didn't help any. So I got to stay the day and night in the hospital. And I forgot just how many times we wake up ICU patients I swear that every time I had just gotten to sleep the nurse came in or lab showed up or something else. Not to mention the fact that once they increased my diet from clear liquid (at lunch) t0 cardiac blah at dinner my headache for one came back with a vengeance but I think that they advanced my diet a little to quickly from nothing to solids because I tried really hard to give it back. :( So, my dh sat with while they gave me meds for the nausea and I sat with my pink bucket trying not heave. Then he sat with me while I used my meds from home for my headache which worked for a little bit as I ended up getting meds via my IV that thankfully knocked me out....finally and made my headache go away. So here I am waiting to figure out why for one I keep getting blood clots- this is my second major one in 4 years, and then my second in about a month (had a superficial thrombophlebitis the end of September) and then trying to figure out what happened this weekend. 
I got permission to stop shooting myself (well, my mother and my dh) in the stomach with blood thinning injections today from the doctor, my blood is finally 'thin' enough and the oral meds have kicked in that I don't need them anymore- YEAH! My stomach was getting quite bruised and was oozing blood almost continuously- yeah, I know gross. So, now I am just taking as dh puts oral rat poison for the rest of my life- yippee! Oh yes and I have a stress test scheduled for early Friday morning- I am so excited to show how out of shape I am- I am beyond thrilled, but I think because of the instructions I got I am also get medications, I am a little nervous, but hopefully it won't show anything other than I am massively out of shape. We shall see.

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