Saturday, November 29, 2008

Counseling and just catching up

Well, I have started counseling again, I think it will be better this time around; I feel a lot more comfortable with this counselor- although I haven't figured out why just yet. 
I had a second stay in the ICU since being here last, it was a few days after my first stay, for the same thing- had the adenosine stress test while admitted that showed that my heart was healthy- which is a good thing. Just no explanation as to why I was having chest pain, which has now thankfully stopped just as suddenly as it started. My arm where the blood clot was is also feeling much better. I am still on coumadin and will be permanently since the doctors don't know why I have continued to get clots at my age- so we are definitely done ttc as coumadin is category x for pregnancy. And wouldn't you know because of this I am 5 days late, it is highly unlikely that I am pregnant, most likely it is do to all the stress that I have experienced the last few weeks, but it is a cruel joke all the same. Something that I don't need right now.

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