Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Headaches and life

Well I am back to having almost daily headaches, I am trying to deal with life and the headaches; some days are easier than others. My pain doctor switched my pain medicine from fentanyl to dilaudid- something stronger but it is a pill so it takes longer for it to kick in than the lollipops did, but the lollipops had stopped working and I was ending up in the ER which is another horrible story in itself. They are beginning to treat me like a drug seeker- I actually left the hospital the last time still having a headache, just not as bad as when I went in because I have a pain doctor and I have signed a pain medication contract so the ER doctor would only give me one dose of pain medication then sent me home- even though my contract states that if I notify my doctor and get permission or it is an emergency I am allowed to go to the ER for treatment. So I am basically at the point that the ER is pointless even if I am in extreme pain and my pain meds have not worked and I have permission. Oh well, life will go on in pain or not. 
Monday I am going in for a procedure that will hopefully help me with my headaches, anyway that is the hope of my pain doctor. I will be going to the surgery center for a 15-20 minute injection of deadening agent and steroids into the joint space of my neck on the right side. After my last visit with my doctor during the exam he determined that I may have some type of nerve damage that is causing some of my headaches. So the hope of the injections is to lessen the frequency and intensity of my headaches. I don't know if I going to feel it immediately or it is going to take a day or two. I am a little nervous to have this done, I am afraid that it is going to hurt; I think I am going to be somewhat sedated given the time I have to be there and the time my procedure is scheduled- there is an hour and a half difference between when I get there and when I have the actual procedure- but who knows, didn't ask. I am also afraid that it isn't going to work or that something will go wrong. I am putting all my trust into the hands of my doctor.
Wish me luck.

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