Monday, July 20, 2009

All 4 in the sand now


Born into Heaven 12/19/2008

Nampa, Idaho

You were a miracle surprise that we hoped and dreamed of, lost too
soon to realize all that we had planned for you. Fly free little one
with your sisters and your brother. Until we all meet again our
precious little bean I know that you watch over us and are with us.
Chase the dragonflies and rainbows- Mommy and Daddy love you with all
our hearts!

1 comment:

Shopgirl said...

Lovely day I hope you will share all you need to about your babies.
Arney is off his crutches...he has another 3 weeks before going back to work.
how is your Dear Mother? I need to send her a card...lazy!
I am having dental work done, and I just plain hate it...I have a tooth that will just not stop hurting.
I love you always, Mary