Friday, July 3, 2009

Continuing to get better

Mom is doing great! Went over this morning so Dad could run some errands and she is using the CPM and getting a bend at 110°! She is getting up and down better than even yesterday- at PT on Wednesday she got a measurement of bend while sitting in a chair of 94° on the left knee and 97° on the right- so she is doing excellent for someone who just a week ago yesterday had bilateral total knees done.
I am having a better day today emotionally- have a migraine that I took pain pills for- they are kicking in and I am starting to feel better, but a little loopy.
Will be going to archery practice tonight in Emmet at Clare and Ronin's horse ranch and then having a potluck afterwards with s'mores and everything!
Also found out today that my cousin Ann Marie graduated and passed her boards- so now we have another RN in the family!
All in all everything is going very good today.

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