Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mom getting better!

Today is Mom's birthday- yes our Angel shares the same day. Anyway, Mom is starting to get around a lot better- she had her first PT session this afternoon and they said that she is doing as well or better than someone who had just 1 knee done- let alone both of them. She is starting to tolerate being up in a chair or sitting up in bed for longer periods of time, but she still gets pooped out pretty quickly. She has to go tomorrow to have her blood checked again for the coumadin levels- yesterday she was already pretty normal- her level was the same as mine was on Monday- but my levels aren't staying in the normal range like hers are- I am glad that she is getting better this quickly- makes me feel better- but is also reminding why I don't do adult nursing, it is just so much easier with the little ones- but I am getting stressed out and had a headache today which didn't help much- I am hoping to get some good sleep and tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

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