Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Downhill Slide

I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden...I have had episodes similar to this before but not so dramatic.
The last few weeks have been sprinkled with multiple manic days- more than I can count or remember. Now today I have slide all the way down into depression- I got upset because he fed the cats and I was going. He didn't know that I had planned on feeding the cats- it really shouldn't matter anyway- right? But now I feel completely useless because he fed the cats.
Today is one of the days that I hate my life.

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Shopgirl said...

My Dear Sara, I hope this will not last, I know what it feels like. I can be manic, and then fall into depression. I am working on myself right now. If left alone I would probably sleep these days away. I do not know what triggered this, I am thinking it was putting Mattie to sleep. But I never really know.
I fight to see blue sky's and green grass when this happens, everything is a chore. So right now I am fighting for my life in many ways, I have too many things I want to do. Be Well my sweet girl, Love, Mary