Thursday, September 13, 2007

The journey has begun

Well the 1st appointment is took forever, but part of that was the fact that I had been up all night working then tried to stay awake for the 2+ hour appointment. Oh, well, the following appointments every month will be quick and painless- only weighing in, meeting with the doc and getting meds. Speaking of meds....added to what I was already taking normally, I now take 5 more pills a day! I feel like an old person- I take as many pills as one! Here is my daily routine when I am not working- no joke:
PreNatal Vitamin (trying to use them up, then will switch to a Multi Vitamin)
Wellbutrin SR (yes, must keep me sane and happy)
Baby ASA
Topamax (to keep the migraines away)
Flaxseed (new supplement)
Chromium (new supplement)

11am- Phentermine (have been doing this for 3 days now...was supposed to get my BP checked today, forgot, yes I am a nurse, I know better, but well I forgot)

3pm- Phentermine (added today- day 4...yes I know I was supposed to get my BP checked...bite me, I feel fine)

Dinner- Chromium and Glucophage

Verapimil (for my BP)
Topamax (again)
Advair (again)
Glucophage (other half of dose)

I think this is more than enough pills to choke something. And if I go back and they don't think that I am loosing fast enough they could possibly add yet another pill...yippee!

When I work, because I work the night shift everything gets reversed, and I get to try and remember while taking care of sick babies and going on deliveries to take everything at 11pm and 3am....this is going to be very interesting, or I am going to go completely crazy...which well, I am half way there already.

Next appointment is October 10th.

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