Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Day!!!

Well, I am so HAPPY today!!!! One of my long time friends that has been trying so hard to make her dreams come true finally did it today! And I can now stop feeling like a 'blog stalker' and relax- because Maya Louise and Sophia Marie arrived safely on Monday afternoon! is her blog if anyone would like to stop by and check out her exciting news and look at some cute belly shots from along the way and the nursery and what not. Heather has been there for me through a lot of my issues, my losses- and I am just so excited that someone that I met randomly through fertility friend while on my quest to become a Mom and then followed to Lounge Place to continue that quest- and then followed her throughout her finally successful IUI-  through her blog- it is just amazing how close you get to people that you don't know irl- you share each others ups and downs, hopes and dreams- they become a part of your extended family almost- I find myself talking all of my blogger family to my husband and my family when something good or bad happens in their lives. Congratulations Heather and Hubby- you guys deserve this! I mean it!

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