Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My headaches are back and I don't know why. I see my pain specialist next month, but basically we have done all that we can at this point with the pain medication and the preventatives. I am trying to do relaxation and meditation to assist the medications and sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't- today it isn't helping. I took pain meds last night slept and still have a bad headache today and can't take anything so I am trying relaxation and meditation- we'll see what happens.


Shopgirl said...

Oh my Sweetpea, I think you are doing the best thing for your headaches.I make the house dark, and no sound, or soft music that I like. Mostly I have to sleep it off, throwing up is always apart of my event, and lights that float across my eyes.. I haven't had a migraine for years and I used to have them weekly. Stress, lights, smell, food, or just because I am breathing...it was so hard, so get fresh air when you can, I am praying for my girl.
Hugs, Mary

Shopgirl said...

I hope your Dear Mother will be a better patient than my Arney. He will be fine soon if I don't kill him first. He could give me a migraine...
I Love You, Mary