Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting ready to go

Ham is done, needs to be sliced. Scotch Eggs done and packed in containers. Shortbread baked and in its containers. My clothes packed in the trunk. Bathing essentials packed. Name and Device paperwork packed. Foodstuffs ready to be packed into cooler. Tent ready to be packed back into its bags- interior walls- tapestries have holes in them to hang from hooks. Need to buy batteries for sheep- long story, hope to have pictures- we are taking 22 sheep with, not the entire 'herd' but the majority of it. Just remembered need to pack archery equipment- would be very disappointed to get there and not have it as there is a tourney on Friday that I am planning to participate in- go me. Also going to take a class on Saturday about Wimples and Veils- it is a make it and take it class, very excited about that as I have no veils anymore. Will again provide pictures. I can't wait, this is my first SCA trip in like 5 years, I am very excited!

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