Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surgery Update

Mom came through surgery great! She spent a night in the ICU per protocol and then was moved to her regular (huge) room up on the ortho floor yesterday afternoon. She got up once in the ICU and made a few steps but got really dizzy and nauseous, then yesterday afternoon she got up again and took a short walk with PT and then was able to get her legs back up in bed by herself- big feat considering that she had both knees replaced at the same time! Last night she had a rough spot it was discovered after pain got out of control- not happy that this happened- that her PCA had been placed on hold and not taken off- so she wasn't getting any pain meds when she pushed her button. She got up to a 10/10 on her pain so it took a lot of pain meds and time to get her back under control. Haven't talked to her yet this morning, don't think she will be going home today- none of us, including her think that she is ready to come home yet, maybe tomorrow or Monday.
For those that wanted to know she is in room 416 at Mercy.

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Shopgirl said...

Sounds like your Mom is doing well.
I think she is in the same room Arney was in.
The picture is of Cory. He is a consultent for a company out of philly. He works out of his home and travels all over. He makes lots of money and many perks. One is getting to drive this car. He was in San Francisco for almost a week and rented the car of his dreams. If he didn't have 4 kids, I am sure he would have one just like this.
Until you are off these meds, it is probably best that you do not have a baby. But that is a goal, get of meds and try again.
I believe that what will be will be.
kiss your Mom for me. Big Love, Mary