Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 15th

There is a beautiful blog here on blogspot and they do a beautiful thing for parents.....these parents in honor and memory of their beloved children write your child's name in the sand then take a picture of it and post it on their blog for you to see- well below is a link to see my our angels it is healing to see their names written out in the sand by someone else- it makes them more than a memory or a figment of fleeting time- it is making the upcoming anniversary easier. I am feeling calmer about them being gone, about us being a couple without children- deprived of such joys that they each would have given us. I know that they each would have had their own wonderful personalities and would have been a beautiful little soul making their way in this world. I can imagine as the waves washed away their names I can feel a calm would have come over me almost as I would have been able to say hello and goodbye- and have them each say the same to me. It would have been a beautiful moment, but even so having their names written in the sand was a beautiful gift to have given if only for a fleeting moment in time- just like their time here with us fleeting, but beautiful and never to be forgotten.

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