Thursday, October 2, 2008

Working with the hubby

Well, to get me out of the house today and get my mind off of my leg (helping a little) it is bring your wife to work day..... dh needed someone to answer phones while in an all morning/afternoon meeting- so here I am at work trying not screw things up :) So far so good.....mostly it has been phone calls from guys asking if their checks are ready- that is an easy one to answer otherwise I just have to take a message. So hopefully all goes well.
As for my leg, it is red and inflammed again after yesterdays doctors visit- I guess it didn't like being poked at- I didn't like it being poked at, it hurt, now it is all hot and pissed off again- so I am taking 2 full dose aspirin a day and watching it closely. Resting it and taking it easy. Doc said it should be another week and then it should be getting better, but to keep taking the aspirin until it stops hurting. At least I don't have to be on Coumadin or Lovenox again- those both were not any fun, but I am starting to get little bruises from the cats and other things from the aspirin so now on 2 of them a day it should look like I am getting beat up. I can't wait!

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