Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, I gave up or gave in, which ever but took a trip to the hospital yesterday- I am glad that I did. The almost 2 wk long headache is finally gone! I have not had a headache that bad in close to 10 years! Now I am just exhausted from everything and all of the drugs that they gave me- on steroids until Sunday- but hey it is worth it if it keeps the headache monster away and gets me able to do my job. I have only been able to make it through 1 12 hour shift a week since the 27th- not good....anyway it is covered by FMLA- just not paid for by PTO for the last few weeks- ran out after the 29th. Oh well, waiting now to see the neuro/pain specialist to see what his thoughts/plans are for me. Trying to take it easy the rest of the week- to get my color back- I guess I look a little like the walking dead currently.

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Irish Girl said...

A 2 week headache???!?!?!! You poor thing! I'm so sorry! I hope it stays away and you're able to return to life as you know it soon. Take care :)