Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boadicea's back to normal...well pretty much

Just checked the fluffy one's temp- it is down to 102.2 F, so if it is the same as the temp difference last night (early this morning) with the mercury thermometer at the vet's office then it is actually 101.9 F! I am so very, very happy- and exhausted- so now after I call the vet to update him on the decrease of temp, the fact that she is eating and looking around for breakfast- yes, I think she feels better- I am now going to take a nap- I have nothing to do until 4 pm today. Hubby is up, he slept he can watch the children now- that is how this works right?!

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Irish Girl said...

Catching up around here ...

Glad he is back to normal!!