Friday, September 26, 2008

Back at home

Back home from brief road trip (okayed by MD) to see family in Bellevue (near Sun Valley). Now home with my leg up on pillows drinking fluids and waiting for the stinging burning sensation to go away, because dang it I am going to the Scottish Highland games tomorrow! I have been looking forward to them for several months and I am not going to let a little blood clot stop me from attending, and that is that!
I have just fed my Pagan Friendship Bread and it is now happy- it smells wonderful, I can't wait to get to day 10 when I can bake with it- I am going to make some chocolate bread, I have been told it is fabulous! 
I can't wait for my leg to get better so I can get out and start exercising and geocaching with my husband and friends again- I had been exercising and then stopped suddenly when I got depressed is what probably gave me the clot this time- you would have thought that after having a dangerous big clot a few years ago I would be a lot more careful and pay more attention- well, maybe this one will teach me the lesson I need to learn- because I am not enjoying the restrictions even though they are much fewer than last time and the meds are much less than time- it still hurts and isn't any fun! I wouldn't wish this on any one! And I mean that!

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