Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday Wishes for Me.

Happy Birthday to me! I am actually feeling pretty good today, my appointment with the pain doc went well, may be able to start spreading my appointments out more than monthly if I keep doing well. I only had 1 headache in this past month- a new record for me!
Had a nice dinner with the family, got to get all dressed up in my fancy pouffy lolita skirt that I have only worn one other time. I got some really neat gifts- a pillow that is also an ipod speaker from dh so that I can listen to my meditations and such while relaxing- going to try it out tonight :) and then a really cool garden sculpture from my parents that is the moon and stars, also got a new shirt and beautiful lace tablecloth to use for my tea party this weekend. 
I am feeling good about my party, the weather is cooling off, so the pool probably won't be used (that was my big present from dh earlier this summer - it has been a big hit when it has been hot!) but that is okay, the weather should be just right for everyone, I am starting to feel less anxious about the party, hopefully it stays that way.