Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life Sucks!

Why am I bitter you might ask...well, because of the new medications that I am taking to make myself 'better' and the fabulous cocktail that I am currently taking that is giving me a shitty high and fog from hell- I have not been able to function or work for the past two nights- and well because I have FMLA for my migraines- I have just been contacted by the oh so lovely employee health people and have been informed that I can no longer work due to 'fit for duty' issues until I am seen by new MD and my medication levels are in a safe range (yes that will be determined by then- because he is a miracle worker and can see into the future) when I have my next appointment on February 6th- mind you I used my last 5.05 hrs of PTO between Sunday and last night- so tonight is without pay- not so nice- supposedly when I have used up 32 hrs of PTO (which I DON"T have to use in the first place) or have been off for 32 hrs- which I guess will happen after tonight- I can start using my short term disability (STD- won't it be nice to say- 'excuse me- I have STD- may I use it, what a lovely name for it) but no I am bitter- not at all. I guess you could say I am getting a vacation before my vacation- nothing like getting stressed out before going to relax. There are McDonald's in Seattle- we can have Valentine's Day dinner off the dollar menu- that could be romantic- right?
I love my job, I love my job- just NOT right now- I do understand there point- I don't want to hurt anyone, including myself- I mean I did take an oath that said that would harm none- my spiritual beliefs go with this same rede- do what ye will but harm none- I am just so sick and tired of my health interfering with my life.
I guess I should be happy- I did finally get my rx filled that I have been fighting with the pharmacy about- that is another issue- when an MD rights for a legal and safe rx what right does the pharmacist have to question the patient about that rx?! I had more than one pharmacist refuse to fill a new rx for a pain med for various reasons- question me multi times about things that were none of their business- and one pharmacist that made me cry- it was to the point that I was so upset and hysterical that I drove myself to my parents house for help- I knew that if I went home my husband would have been livid and gone to the pharmacy to knock heads. This weekend has been a total nightmare that is finally over medication wise- since I now have the rx filled- but now I am on this mind numbing cocktail for another 24 hours.....migraines suck....anxiety sucks....I want off this hellish roller coaster ride already!
The fabulousIrishGirl tagged me- here we go:

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1. I love glitter- and girly things...ruffles and lace.
2. I love to be pampered...have my hair played with- primped and fussed with, lots of curls, ribbons and bows
3. I can tell my furry children apart by their purrs and meows
4. I am afraid of the dark
5. I have to have my composer statues on my piano organized in a specific way- when out of order it is very disturbing/distressing! Almost OCD like....
6. I doodle to pass the time when on the phone- the mouse pads at work are very artful :)

If you have taken the time to read these little oddities and quirks about me- you have been tagged- lucky you :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Doc

Saw the new doc today- changing lots of meds. Found out that the ataxia in my hands is something that I am going to have to live with- not cool- but it is a choice between that or headaches- right now I am choosing the ataxia. Not sure how my clinical supervisor is going to feel about that or my coworkers for that matter will agree with that- but I am the one who has to live with it not them. Yes they are effected by my decision- as I can't go on deliveries with the lack of sensation in my hands- but at least I am at work with no headaches. Not a great trade off- but one that is going to have to do- so we'll see if it is acceptable for them, if not I guess I will be looking elsewhere for a job sooner than I had expected to be doing so.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, I gave up or gave in, which ever but took a trip to the hospital yesterday- I am glad that I did. The almost 2 wk long headache is finally gone! I have not had a headache that bad in close to 10 years! Now I am just exhausted from everything and all of the drugs that they gave me- on steroids until Sunday- but hey it is worth it if it keeps the headache monster away and gets me able to do my job. I have only been able to make it through 1 12 hour shift a week since the 27th- not good....anyway it is covered by FMLA- just not paid for by PTO for the last few weeks- ran out after the 29th. Oh well, waiting now to see the neuro/pain specialist to see what his thoughts/plans are for me. Trying to take it easy the rest of the week- to get my color back- I guess I look a little like the walking dead currently.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I feel good- well sort of

I lost 7.2 lbs and I am down another inch in the waist! Wow! I feel great, proud, amazed- I am doing this, and I am doing it the right way, for the right reasons- for me. I am not doing it to get a guy, to have a baby, for any real huge reason other than I wanted to- for me. I haven't done anything just for me in a really long time and you know what- it feels really damn good- not selfish, just good. I haven't been truly happy in a really long time, and I can honestly say at this exact moment in time as I type this, I really am, I really honestly am happy. I have done something good in my life, just for me. I needed that today- from the bottom of my heart- thank you me.
Now if the rest of my body will cooperate things will start to go much better- headache please go away, I have to go back to work tonight. I am off to take a nap, but first I am going to have a cup of tea and just enjoy the peaceful beauty and serenity that snow has brought to my yard.
Brightest Blessings for us all-

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Okay, I am really starting to get frustrated here! I have had a migraine for a week now- yes that is correct a week- it started on December 28th and I still have it! Why won't it go away?! I am exhausted, I am sick of the pain and the nausea- the freaky visual effects suck and the amplified hearing bites the big one- yes it sounds like I have super powers- yes super powers of someone about to go completely postal or insane or both- pick one. Right now the sound of the kind neighbor 4-wheeling in the snow is about to drive me over the edge- my dh clipping his fingernails or toenails last night (don't know which-don't really care- he was in another room) was worse than someone dragging finishing nails on a chalkboard!
I have made it one day of work a week the past 2 weeks- I have no PTO left- yes I am covered on FMLA so I can't get fired- but I am sure they can find a loophole around it somewhere- give them a chance. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow night and then again the following 2 nights- oh what joy- can't wait to sit and listen to crying, screaming newborns for 12 hours- beeping monitors- and if I am really lucky I might just get to go to a couple deliveries and listen to a laboring woman yell- wouldn't that just be dandy?! I love my job, I love my job....crap who the hell I am kidding- I hate it right now....somebody dig me a hole........

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year....

Well it is 2008! The beginning of a new year- so far so good, but then again I am at work and it is 0445.
I did accomplish a few good things last year-
*I started loosing weight and I am still going at it!
*I sent out Christmas cards
*The tree was put up, lights were put on it, and a total of 6 ornaments graced it!
*The tree is not black, the lights are not black and there is no black garland on the tree or any where in the house....an inside joke at my house-

For the new year I am hoping to continue to stay on track with my weight loss goals and possibly find a new job. I am getting to the point here in the NICU that I am feeling a little burnt out- yes I have only been here for a little over a year- but I am now required to float out to post partum- something that was not part of the deal when I was hired to this position- sorry, but yes I am jealous and even a little bitter towards this population of patient. They have something that I don't have, something that I will never have- I don't want to help them with breastfeeding, I don't want to hear about their hemrrhoids, and I don't want to hear about their successful fertility treatment that got them this baby 'you know that treatment that you should try'....yes I am an idiot- I haven't heard of that one- I forgot to ask my doctor about that one, how stupid of me.
Anyway- I am also having issues with even going to deliveries- don't get me wrong. When I do go- it is beautiful, but there have been so many meth moms here lately or way young teen moms that it is so frustrating- why do they get to have their 10th kid that they don't even have custody of, and I can't even have just 1- is that really too much to ask for?!
I just need to go back to peds or somewhere else so that maybe I won't be so bitter. I really love my coworkers- its just the position- I am not happy- I don't want to come to work any more- I don't want to deal with it anymore.
Some days I wish I could just win the lottery already so that I just wouldn't have to come to work any more- that would fix it all...wouldn't it?